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The FAT FLUSH WATER is something you have most probably heard about since it has been said to be an extremely effective way to expel fat out of your body. This method of flushing fat with the help of water is widely known and practiced due to the great results it has shown in practice.

Thanks to one such basic thing called “water”, fat will be eliminated from your body and your body will stay hydrated. All the unwanted material or also known as fat deposits which are harmful for the body can be destroyed with the Fat Flush Water method, of course if you do it right.

This method of flushing fat with the help of water is widely known and practiced due to the great results it has shown in practice.

Water and It’s Role

The waste from the body will be removed mostly due to water, so water has the leading role.  The fat will be carried to the bladder and will be flushed throughout the urine.

It’s obvious the reason why you must drink a lot of water daily if you want to speed the elimination and breakdown of fats accumulated in your organism.

It’s also clear that the amount of water we should drink daily is not the same for everyone, seeing that we are different by weight, height, temperature, physical activity and much more.

You must have in mind that drinking water is essential if you want to lose the fat, so we recommend you choose water over sugary drinks. Also, do not allow yourself to feel thirsty or dehydrated.

The Recipe for Fat Flush Water – Plus the way It Works


  • Purified water – (2 liters)
  • Sectioned tangerine – 1
  • Sliced grapefruit – 1/2
  • Sliced cucumber – 1
  • Spearmint or peppermint leaves
  • Ice – optional


First get yourself some jar or bottle and put the ingredients from above in it. Leave the other ingredients in water so that they do their effect overnight and consume the whole thing the next day. You should wash well all the ingredients before you put them in the bottle/jar.

Starting with the tangerine. This fruit has the power to stabilize the blood sugar, increase insulin sensitivity, and since it is rich in vitamin C it can stimulate the fat burning process.

The second ones – grapefruits, will increase the energy in your body, burn fat easily and increase the metabolic energy.

Cucumbers are known as natural diuretic hence they will keep you full for some time.

Last but not least are mint leaves that will help the digestion.

To sum up, this was the recipe for the famous Fat Flush Water, so easy and yet so effective. What you must have in mind is the fact that proper nutrition and some physical activity won’t hurt you and it’s mandatory if you are really eager to see some great changes on your body.

This water method will provide you with some necessary nutrients your body needs but you need to consume more food than that in order to feed your body with the necessary amount of calories. Just make sure you drink water every day and choose healthy food as much as you can.

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We hope that you will find our article helpful, so if you do feel free to share it with your family and friends. Thank you.

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