This Is What The Shape Of Your Butt Has To Say About Your Health!

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It might sound funny to you, but we can learn a lot about a person’s health just by analyzing the butt. The size of the butt can be different, although almost everyone wants to have well shaped, round butt.

The thing is that the size of the butt can be an indicator of your overall health, and you are about to find out is it good to have fat deposits in there or not.

These are the four types of butt:

‘’V’’ Patootie

The so called “V” butt is characteristic for older woman and the reason is that they are in lack of estrogen which is the reason for this shape of the butt.

If you are dealing with this kind of fat around your ass which has the V shape, you should start doing some exercises and protect your heart by losing the excess fat.

The square butt is usually a sign of fat accumulated around the love handles.

Square butt

The square butt is usually a sign of fat accumulated around the love handles. Another thing that is associated with the square butt is that the person is without strong glutes(the main extensor muscle of the hip). This muscle can get stronger just by doing some simple glute exercises.

Heart shaped butt

Almost every woman dreams for this kind of butt, but unfortunately it’s pretty rear. This butt is fullest at the bottom and where the waist is, the butt tapers out. The problem is that, this doesn’t has to mean the you are in the best health condition.

You might be having some fat deposits in the upper thighs, and that you should work on that part and search for exercises that will eliminate that fat.

Circle booty

It shouldn’t be surprise for you when we say that this is probably the healthiest butt. If you are noticing some fat around the top part of the glutes, you can eliminate it easily, with a simple workout routine.

The shape of your butt might not indicate some disease, but the fat accumulated in there can be the reason for a disease which can be avoided if you try to walk as much as you can and exercise whenever you have the possibility to do it.

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